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Academic Advising

Contact an Adviser

To schedule an appointment with the
Environmental Science Adviser,
please email Karen with some days and times that you are available, and she will get back to you promptly.

Ms. Karen Bray

Telephone 352-392-9230
Fax 352-392-9748

103 Black Hall, Box 116455
Gainesville, FL 32611-6455

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F

Academic Advising is a process that will assist you in attaining your academic goals and developing a professional development plan. In order to schedule an appointment with the Adviser of Environmental Science major, please call our SNRE office at 352-392-9230. Karen Bray is the Environmental Science Adviser.

UF Students are required to have a Gatorlink email account and to check it on a regular basis. Important information is sent to students via their UF email address. This is the official means of communication between the university and students. Students are accountable for reading all official email messages and being familiar with their content.

UF students have access to the online University of Florida catalog, which contains all academic policies and major requirements ( Students are responsible for reading and understanding the catalog. Advisers serve as a resource for clarifying these policies.

UF students need to be familiar with their degree audit, which students can access through ONE.UF ( Students should review their Degree Audit before meeting with their Adviser each semester.

Advising Policies:

  • All students should meet with their Academic Adviser at least once per semester
  • Registration holds will be placed on all studentsí records prior to advance registration. Students are responsible for knowing the time and date of their registration appointments, and are responsible for meeting with their Advisor in advance of their assigned registration time.

Scheduling An Appointment

In order to schedule an appointment with the Adviser of Environmental Science major, please call our SNRE office at 352-392-9230. Karen Bray is the Environmental Science Adviser.

Adviser Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of academic programs
  • Make recommendations for the development of an academic plan that leads to degree completion
  • Provide students with feedback regarding progress and suggest alternate plans when appropriate
  • Refer students to other campus resources
  • Motivate students to take responsibility for their own academic, professional and personal goals
  • Respect students

Student Responsibilities:

  • Be prepared for advising meetings
  • Develop and follow an academic plan that has been constructed in consultation with your Advisor
  • Be aware of critical dates and deadlines for each semester
  • Be familiar with and utilize university resources
  • Become familiar with program requirements and the use of the degree audit to monitor progress
  • Review academic progress regularly, and seek Advisor assistance when necessary
  • Attend and participate in classes
  • Take responsibility for and own decisions

Requesting a Recommendation Letter from Karen Bray:

  • Make a request at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline.
  • Email Karen ( with following information: why you are applying, a list of your strengths, what you hope to gain from the experience, the name of the organization you are applying to, and the org's physical address
  • Tell Karen how she should submit the letter (via email, mail, a link online, fax, or back to the student)
  • Include links to any important details that will be useful in writing the letter.
  • Inform Karen if they letter needs to be sent directly to the student/organization or if it should be included in a packet with other materials.


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