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How Gifts are Used

Your gifts make it possible for us to attract the best and brightest students and to support programs that advance solutions to today's environmental, economic, and social challenges. Giving to SNRE is a meaningful way for you to help us preserve the quality of life for present and future generations.

Unrestricted gifts allow SNRE to meet unexpected challenges and opportunities and provide for important areas not funded by public sources. Examples of common gifts include but are not limited to:

Student Enrichment
Offering opportunities for students to engage in their craft outside the classroom is one way to enrich their academic experience. Gifts may be designated to support specific projects or research, demonstrations, or even to sponor a seminar series. Funding for these opportunities is critical to assure that students have every opportunity to engage in their academic passions.

Faculty Awards and Endowed Chairs
Donations can be directed to support specific research and provide merit-based awards to SNRE affiliated faculty. If the gift is of sufficient size, it can be directed to establish a named endowed faculty chair, considered the highest honor a senior faculty member can recieve. These endowments enhance the faculty members compensation and provide additional funds for research and travel to further their academic work.

Scholarships and Fellowships for Students
Gifts designated for students will help relieve the financial burnden for many pursuing degrees in higher education. Donations will be used to offset tuition costs, living expenses, travel, books and research expenses. Recipients of these donations will have the opportunity to enhance their education through teaching and research opportunities.

General Program Support
SNRE's long term vision includes consolidating the University's environmental and natural resource programs into one building. Directing gifts to be used for improving SNRE's capital facilities will go a long way to helping us achive that goal. Additionally, providing general program support is vital for our day-to-day needs, including office equipment and computer software.

For More Information Contact
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Office of Development-SHARE
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