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SNRE Liaisons

Our SNRE Liaisons are a group of upper-division School of Natural Resources and Environment student representatives who assist our school with:

  • Prospective visits
  • Recruitment and other activities
  • Acclimating new students to our school
  • Supporting our undergraduate student council

SNRE Liaisons are third and fourth year Environmental Science students who have a minimum overall GPA of a 3.0, and possess leadership experiences in student organizations & societies. They are positive role models both on and off campus, and may have experience in related internships, field, laboratory and/or job experiences. Potential SNRE Liaison applicants are identified and invited to apply in February of each year.

If you are a visiting student and interested in visiting our school, please call (352-846-1634) or email Karen ( about arranging a visit! She can tell you about our BS and BA degree track programs in Environmental Science, as well as introduce you to an available SNRE Liaison!



I chose to study Environmental Science as a major because: One summer I camped, hiked, and boated around Downeast Maine as part of an ecology field institute through a local college. I fell in love with every aspect of the science I studied, from lab work, to learning from environmentalists, to catching salamanders in the field. I enjoy being out in the natural world and want to work towards saving land for conservation instead of for development.

Next step after graduation: I hope to pursue job opportunities within the state and national levels of the park system, preferably in the New England area. Id eventually like to become a park biologist for Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.



I chose to study Environmental Science as a major because: I chose to study environmental science because as an aspiring physician, I believe studying ecological and environmental factors that affect our health is important to understanding how to treat these problems. Focusing on how we live and what we do that affects our lives will help us understand how to prevent certain diseases.

Next step after graduation: I am currently a senior at the University of Florida. I intern at the Emerging Pathogens Institute with the Control Flu Program to help vaccinate Alachua County's K-12 students. After graduation I hope to attend medical school.



I chose to study Environmental Science as a major because: the Earth is our common ground. The environment, the services it provides, and how we live within it unites everyone on the globe. Ultimately, I chose to study environmental science because of how it unites diverse nations and cultures. It is an interdisciplinary subject of the sciences, the arts, policy, economics, and more. This major helps develop the skills needed for critical thinking while simultaneously teaching you the science to help understand to world's processes.

Next step after graduation: I hope to pursue a degree in environmental law or policy. My goal is to implement policies that prevent environmental destruction and promote environmental education.


I chose to study Environmental Science as a major because: there is a dichotomy between society and the environment. The environment is interconnected with every aspect of our daily lives; from the food we consume to the economic stability of the world. Coming from a lower socioeconomic class, the environment is not much of a concern. Ultimately, when society understands the scope that the environment plays in our daily lives, we will be one step closer to solving our most pressing problems.

Next step after graduation: I plan to attend a top-tier law school to learn about international law, as well as, environmental law. I plan to one day be a judge helping foster the growth of environmental justice on a larger scale.

I chose to study Environmental Science as a major because: the environment affects all aspects of life; it connects the world’s toughest challenges, including social and political issues. I have always wanted to work in developing countries, and the environment will play a huge factor in their future. Environmental Science allows me to study the natural world while giving me the tools I need to protect it.

Next step after graduation: I plan to study environmental law, and hope to bring peace to the Middle East in the form of sustainable development and policy.

I chose to study Environmental Science because the connection between humans and the environment is so fundamental, yet it is often overlooked or misunderstood. I want to be apart of a generation of scientists who not only improve the human understanding of the natural world, but then apply this understanding to minimize the human footprint on the Earth.

Next step after graduation: I hope to work in a setting which encompasses the interrelatedness of energy, ecology, and waste.

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