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Curriculum Vitae ~ Stephen R. Humphrey

School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Florida,
103 Black Hall, Box 116455, Gainesville, FL 32611-6455 USA
Telephone: 352-392-9230, Fax 352-392-9748


Director of Academic Programs, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Florida.
Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Florida. 1998-2003.
Interim Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Florida. 1993-1997.
Interim Chair, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida. 1996-1997.
Curator in Ecology, Florida Museum of Natural History. 1980-present.
Associate Curator in Mammalogy, Florida State Museum. 1976-1980.
Assistant Curator in Mammalogy, Florida State Museum. 1971-1976.


Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Ph.D. in Zoology, 1971
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Zoology
Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, B.A. in Biology, 1966
Westtown School, Westtown, Pennsylvania, Secondary, 1962

University, Professional, and Public Service

Affiliate Professor of Latin American Studies, University of Florida, 1986-present.
Affiliate Professor of Wildlife Ecology, University of Florida. 1981-present.
Affiliate Professor of Zoology, University of Florida, 1972-present.
Member, National Academy of Science's Committee on the Restoration of the Greater Everglades
Ecosystem, 1999-2004.
Chair, Environmental Regulatory Commission, Florida Department of Environmental Regulation,
1991-1999. (Gubernatorial appointment, chair 1997-1999)
Co-Chair, Save The Manatee Club, 1993-1995. (Gubernatorial appointment)
Member, Florida Panther Technical Advisory Council, Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, 1992-1999. (Gubernatorial appointment)
Chief Financial Officer, Society for Conservation Biology, 1990-2004; Trustee, 2004-present.
Trustee, Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, 1984-present; Board Chair, 1987-1989.


Morrison, J.L. and S.R. Humphrey. 2001. Conservation value of private lands for crested caracaras in
Florida. Conservation Biology 15:675-684.
Forys, E.A. and S.R. Humphrey. 1999. Use of population viability analysis to evaluate management
options for the endangered Lower Keys marsh rabbit. Journal of Wildlife Management 63:251-260.
Marmontel, M., S.R. Humphrey, and T.J. O'Shea. 1997. Population viability analysis of the Florida
manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris). Conservation Biology 11:467-481.
Klein, M.L., S.R. Humphrey, and H.F. Percival. 1995. Effects of ecotourism on distribution of waterbirds
in a wildlife refuge. Conservation Biology 9:1454-1465.
Foster, M.L. and S.R. Humphrey. 1995. Use of highway underpasses by Florida panthers and other
wildlife. Wildlife Society Bulletin 23:1-5.
Humphrey, S.R. (ed.). 1992. Rare and endangered biota of Florida. Vol. 1. Mammals. Univ. Presses of
Florida. 392 + xxviii pp.
Humphrey, S.R. and J.R. Bain. 1990. Endangered animals of Thailand. Sandhill Crane Press, Gainesville,
Florida. 468 pp.
Dissertation published as: Humphrey, S.R. and J.B. Cope. 1976. Population ecology of the little brown bat,
Myotis lucifugus, in Indiana and north-central Kentucky. American Society of Mammalogy Special
Publication No. 4. Allen Press, Lawrence, KS, 83 pp.

Last Modified: 22-Nov-2005

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