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Common Types of Gifts

It is important to remember when establishing any type of gift, you should always use University of Florida Foundation, School of Natural Resources and Environment - Fund #012869.

Cash or Credit card

Cash or credit card is the easiest and most popular way to give. Your cash gift is tax-deductible if the amount is less than 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Should a gift exceed 50 percent, you may deduct the excess amount over a five-year period.


Gifts of appreciated stocks held for more than one year provide an easy and advantageous way to make a gift to SNRE. It is best to give appreciated stocks outright to SNRE, thereby avoiding any capital gains that may have been realized. If, however, the stock value has declined, it will be to your advantage to sell the stock first (thereby claiming the tax loss on the decline in value) and then deduct the donation as a charitable gift.


It can be very beneficial to donate a percentage interest in highly appreciated land to SNRE before the land is sold. The advantage is that, as in the case of appreciated stocks, you do not have to pay income tax on the portion that has been donated to SNRE. A buyer would purchase the donated portion from SNRE and the balance from you, a simple process. In this way, you could reduce your taxable income and receive an income tax deduction.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies provide an easy and inexpensive way to support SNRE. If SNRE is named owner and beneficiary, premiums are tax-deductible.

Life Income Gifts

You may be able to receive income from an asset or make an asset such as real estate income-producing as you support SNRE through deferred giving methods such as the charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder annuity trust and unitrust or pooled income fund. In return for a gift of cash, securities, or real estate, you and/or your beneficiaries may receive income for life or retain the use of your/their farm or home. The principal or property benefits SNRE upon your decease or that of your beneficiaries. You receive a charitable deduction and realized income which may, in some cases, be tax-free.

Gift Endowments

You can honor or memorialize a friend or loved one and help SNRE at the same time by establishing an endowed fund for student or faculty support with a minimum gift of $20,000. The principal of the fund is invested and only the earned income is used to support SNRE.

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