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SNRE Graduate Student Council

Meet the council's officers:


Richard - President

My abiding fascination with the natural world was developed during a childhood spent hunting, fishing, and exploring the ‘boonies’ with friends and family. Following receipt of BSc degrees in botany and zoology from Humboldt State University (where I engaged in paleobotanical studies), I left academia for a number of years and worked a variety of amazing field biology positions. Highlights include: fisheries monitoring aboard vessels in the Bering Sea, backcountry vegetation ecology in the Alaskan Interior, and rare plant botany in my native northern California. It was halfway around the world, however, during a stint as an English teacher in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where I found inspiration to return for a graduate degree. The amazing biocultural diversity of that country sparked my curiosity about the ways in which culture influences humanity’s relationship with the natural world. I’ll be returning to the Caucasus to carry out ethnobotanical investigations in pursuit of a PhD in SNRE’s Interdisciplinary Ecology program.

Annie - Vice President

I have always been obsessed with wildlife and their behavior, checking out non-fiction animal books during weekly elementary school trips to the public library. I followed my passion through a B.Sc. degree in Earth Systems (Ecology focus) at Stanford University, where I was also exposed to international field studies. I continued exploring wildlife conservation across the world after graduating in 2011, studying large mammals in the Peruvian Amazon, ground squirrels in Canada, mysterious marsupials in tropical Australia, and lemur behavior in Madagascar. I’m fascinated by behavioral ecology and how we can use this knowledge for conservation. My M.S. project at UF studies small mammal communities in southern African savannahs and how their behavior is influenced by different vegetation types. I’m excited to serve as an officer in the SNRE Graduate Student Council!

Ellen- Treasurer

When I was a first-year student in college, my intro biology teacher suggested that I take ecology next year. I thought she was crazy. Fortunately, I listened to her; ecology quickly became my favorite class, and I’ve been on the trajectory of studying ecology ever since. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Mount Holyoke College in 2013, I spent two years working various field technician jobs around the country, trying to figure out what I wanted to study. After tackling deer and pigs and tracking bats around the woods, I finally settled down at the University of Florida as a doctoral student in Interdisciplinary Ecology, with a focus on Wildlife Ecology. I currently study community ecology of small mammals in southeastern Arizona. I’m looking forward to engaging more with the SNRE community over the coming year!

Alicia- Secretary

Growing up in the Great Lakes State, I have always been fascinated by aquatic systems.  I worked as a laboratory technician identifying phtyo- and zooplankton species before beginning my graduate career. I completed my MSc in Conservation Biology at Central Michigan University, where my research focused on the feeding ecology of a Great Lakes invasive species.  My interest in food web and community interactions led me to the University of Florida, where I am pursuing my PhD through SNRE.  My doctoral research will use the model aquatic food web contained in the leaves of the purple pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea, to understand how community size spectra are influenced by gradients of abiotic, biotic, and climatic variables.  I am excited to be a part of such a diverse group of young researchers, and to serve as the SNRE Graduate Student Council Secretary for the 2016-2017 academic year.

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