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Graduate Student Travel Grants






  • Oral or poster presentation at conference.
  • Must apply for matching funds.

Graduate Student Council


  • Oral or poster presentation at conference.

Dean's Office


  • Oral or poster presentation at conference.
  • 1 : 1 match to SNRE, host department, or other award.

Office of Research/DSR
Division of Sponsored Research


  • Oral or poster presentation at conference or unique collaboration opportunity.
  • 1 : 1 match to SNRE, host department, or other award.
  • Note: The highest funding priority will be given to doctoral-level students.


Davidson Travel Grants

$300 Domestic
$650 International

  • Oral or poster presentation at conference.

Tropical Conservation & Development


  • Oral or poster presentation at conference.
  • Must be enrolled in the TCD Certificate of Concentration program.

Determining Eligibility for SNRE Travel Grants

  • Students must present original research conducted for the Interdisciplinary Ecology degree at a conference.
    • Note: You do not need to wait for notification of acceptance to the conference before applying for a travel grant.
  • Students must be registered as SNRE graduates during the entire time of travel. If your travel is during the summer term and you are not registered for summer, you must be registered during the preceding spring semester AND following fall semester.
  • Students must be in good academic standing, as outlined in the graduate catalog, by the application deadline.
  • Students must apply for IFAS travel grant.

If you answered yes to ALL the above, then you are eligible to apply for an SNRE travel grant.

Applicants with the following qualifications may be given preference:

  • Presenting final research from M.S. or Ph.D.
  • Nearing expected graduation date
  • First SNRE travel grant during present degree

Applying for an SNRE Travel Grant

Travel application deadline

For Conferences that Begin on the Dates:

Apply By:

January 1st - March 31st

November 1st

April 1st - June 30th

February 1st

July 1st - September 30th

May 1st

October 1st - December 31st

August 1st

Early applications are encouraged; late applications are not accepted. All travel grants are awarded on a reimbursable basis. NO PCARD EXPENSES WILL BE REIMBURSED BY SNRE. Submission of original receipts and a copy of the conference agenda are required to release funds.

Questions regarding travel grants should be directed to Christy LaPlante at

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