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SNRE Seminar Series, Spring 2015

All seminars will be on Tuesdays from 1:55 - 2:45 PM in 112 Newins-Ziegler Hall Map it

*Please note that IE students are required to register for the IE Seminar, EVR 6933 (1 credit hour) during one semester. It will be necessary for IE students to attend the seminar unregistered in a subsequent term. A presentation of research findings will be required of IE students in their last semester.

January 13th

Karin Kettenring

Scaling from Genes to the Landscape: Phragmites Removal and Native Plant Restoration in Chesapeake Bay and Great Salt Lake Wetlands

January 20th

Danielle Puls

How Do Physical Stressors Impact Sponges in Florida Bay?

January 27th

Ben Atkinson

Conservation Osteology: Investigating the Demographic Impacts of Ghost Traps on Diamond-backed Terrapins

February 3rd

Aaron Grade

When a Bird Goes 'Unheard': Assessing the Effects of Highway Noise on Avian Behavior, Communication and Population Distributions

February 10th

Jing Yuan

Metrics of Pattern Loss and Ecosystem Change in the Ridge and Slough Mosaic of the Everglades

February 17th

Elisa Livengood

Sustainability of the Global Ornamental Fish Trade: Management, Environmental Education, and Resource Health

February 24th

Rachel Bouchillon

Characterizing Eastern Oyster (C. virginica) growth in the Big Bend Region of Florida

March 3rd

No Seminar

Spring Break

March 10th

Hal Knowles

Finding Narrative in Nonlinearity: Complexity, Pattern, and Meaning in Short Interval Residential Electric Smart Meter Data

March 17th

Vanessa Dornisch

Florida Beach Users’ Perceptions of Beach Ownership, Erosion Management, and Sea Level Rise

March 24th

Viviana Rojas

The Influence of an Heterogeneous Landscape on Dispersal and Genetic Structure of Small Mammals in the Swaziland Lowveld

March 31st

Rachel Nifong

Linking Autotrophic Tissue Stoichiometry and Homeostasis to Ecosystem Structure and Function

April 7th

April 14th

Baijing Cao

Soil Carbon Modeling along Ecological, Climatic and Biotic Trajectories at Continental Scale

April 21st

Jackson Presser

Development of a GIS and GARP based ecological niche model to aid in the prediction of Pythium insidiosum in Florida

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