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Map of International Activities
Countries of origin (red pins) and sites of research (yellow pins)
for past and present SNRE graduate students show the global recruitment and interest in the SNRE program.

International Activities

The Interdisciplinary Ecology degree program attracts outstanding international graduate students, because the curriculum is integrative and the faculty are highly reputed in international research.

It is a goal of the School to recruit such students, by arranging suitable faculty advisors and, if needed, allocating funds or matching external funds.

The major research interests of IE students (resource ecology and management, linked social-ecological systems, community and institutional management of natural resources, sustainable livelihood systems) are particularly important in developing countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. International students enrich the School academic community out of proportion to their numbers. The wealth of perspectives from different environments and cultures contributes greatly to all the students' education.

2007 International Activities Report

Sources of financial support for these students have included:

Fulbright Fellowship
LASPAU Fellowship
OAS Leadership Fellowship
OAS Ecology Initiative Fellowship
USAID Scholarship
CNPQ Fellowship
CONACyT Fellowship
International Ford Fellowship
Wildlife Conservation Society Graduate Fellowship
Tropical Conservation and Development Fellowship
Compton Fellowship

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