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Application Process and Forms

Candidates seeking admission to the degree program in Interdisciplinary Ecology should obtain application materials from the internet sources listed below. Applications are received centrally by University of Florida Admissions. The process and required application materials are different for U.S. applicants and international applicants. Admission decisions are made by the School, after assessment of eligibility based on academic background and experience, placement with a faculty advisor who agrees to accept the applicant into his or her research group, and allocation of financial support (if available).

For general guidance on how to apply, the UF Grad School provides a useful outline of the procedure. General admission requirements can be viewed at UF's Office of Admissions page.

Deadline: Applications are due by February 1 for fall admission and October 1 for Spring admission.

Eligibility for Admission: The University of Florida Graduate School requires applicants to have a minimum grade average of B (3.0 on a 4-point scale) for all upper-division undergraduate work. Applicants must also submit GRE (General Test of the Graduate Record Examination) scores. The school code for the University of Florida is 5812. The SNRE requires minimum GRE scores of 300 (combined verbal and quantitative), or, for students whose first language is not English, a quantitative GRE score of 150.

For students whose native language is not English, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is also required, with a minimum score of 80 on the internet-based version, 213 on the computer-based version, or 550 on the paper-based TOEFL. For international students (not from the U.S. or Puerto Rico), UF requires a minimum GRE Verbal test score of 140 (new scale) or 320 (old scale). Information on GRE and TOEFL preparation and testing are provided on the Graduate School website. International students from English-speaking countries are exempt from taking the TOEFL test.

To be eligible for assignments as teaching assistants, students whose native language is not English also must score at least 55 on the Test for Spoken English (TSE); see the Graduate Catalog for further details. Applicants who cannot take the TSE due to lack of access can take the SPEAK test as an alternative, after arriving on campus.

Students seeking joint degrees must apply to both of the degree programs involved and be accepted by each program individually.

To Apply:

Submit your graduate application online. Be sure you enter the correct date of the semester for with you wish to be considered; if you mistakenly type the current year instead of next year, your application will not be visible when staff look up next year's applications. If you make this error and need to change the date, it is necessary to contact the Office of Admissions.  After you have submitted your application, you cannot alter your information, except for letters of recommendation, for which you can update contacts and send reminders as necessary.  However, you can send additional information or updates directly to the SNRE Director.


1. Online "Application for Admission to Graduate School", for U.S. or International students.
The online application includes space for your statement of purpose; check to make sure your entire statement is sent--if it's too long, it may be truncated.
The online application also includes links enabling your three personal references to submit their reference letters online.
2. Statement of Purpose - see details below
3. Resume or CV
4. Application fee.
5. Official transcripts of all collegiate work need to be sent to the Office of Admissions.
6. Official copies of test scores need to be sent to the Office of Admissions: Graduate Record Examination scores (Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing) and, for international students with a native language other than English, TOEFL and TSE scores. The University of Florida GRE/TOEFL Institution code is 5812 (department code is 0207, Ecology). Scores arrive and are recorded at the University about 2-4 weeks after they are ordered.

International Students

Visa (I-20 or DS-2019) processes are handled electronically by the International Student Service (ISS) unit of the UF International Center. No paper documents are accepted. Once you are admitted to UF, the ISS will contact you automatically to follow up. More information about I-20 or DS-2019 processing is provided at

Applying for Financial Assistance

Funding is not required to apply for admission to UF. To apply for a fellowship or assistantship, please fill out the Application for Fellowship or Assistantship Form. Please forward all completed forms to our graduate coordinator Karen Bray at All applicants will be considered for funding, but we do not address this question until applications have been evaluated and applicants placed with advisors. Once a faculty member has decided to recruit an applicant to his or her research group, SNRE and the advisor will discuss whether a funding package can be offered. If you have personal or external funding, and therefore do not need to be considered for assistance, please be sure to inform the graduate coordinator.

Applicants who have a UF Master’s degree

Thank you for your interest in our IE graduate program. Please contact our SNRE office (352-392-9230) so that we can schedule an appointment for you to talk to our SNRE Director. Once we discuss your plans, we will let you know the proper procedure in which to apply to our program.

For Applicants who have a UF Masters’s degree and have not registered in a UF course in the last 2 consecutive semesters:

After you speak to our SNRE Director, and if you have not registered for a course as a UF graduate student in the last two consecutive semesters, you will need to contact SNRE.  Once you consult with our school, you will be given permission to complete the UF Graduate Readmissions application online. Note: our college code is: ID, our major code is: ECL.  If you are applying for a IE PhD (and have a UF MS), you will not go through the regular online UF graduate admissions process, but this readmissions process.

For Applicants who have a UF Master’s degree and have registered for a UF course in the last 2 semesters:

After you speak to our SNRE Director, if you have registered as a UF graduate student in the last 2 semesters, you will need to work with the SNRE office to have a “change of degree” done on the GIMS system. Note: Only the SNRE office can complete this process for you. Note: In this process you will not go through the regular UF graduate Admissions online application.

Statement of Purpose:

Write and submit a short essay (maximum length of one page typed and single-spaced, approximately 500 words) describing your graduate educational and career interests. What is your vision for your program of study and research? With reference to our curriculum requirements and the Social-Ecological System depicted on our curriculum webpage, briefly but specifically describe the how your vision for graduate work makes you a good fit in our degree program in comparison with other more-specialized degree programs available at the University of Florida. Be sure to identify your general area(s) of interest, and then additionally list specific examples. It will be very helpful to the faculty reviewing your application for you to identify the general nature of any fundamental concepts, questions-problems-opportunities, and problem-solving that you intend to investigate during your graduate studies. Identify the general types of employment or examples of employers you envision for your subsequent career. Summarize any research, teaching, job, or volunteer experiences that are relevant to your plans. If you are applying for the master's degree but intend to seek the doctoral degree subsequently, it would be helpful to say that in your statement.

This statement is important because it allows us to identify appropriate faculty who share your interests and could serve the key role as advisor and mentor. You may submit this statement within the online application form or you may email it directly to

If you are applying to more than one UF degree program:

You may ask to be considered for more than one degree program simultaneously at UF. When you fill out the online Application for Admission to Graduate School form, you can identify more than one degree program in the "Program/Major" field.

Campus Housing:

If you desire on-campus housing (recommended for students with familes and international students), you should apply online for housing at the same time you apply for admission, because demand is very high. If you wait to apply until you arrive in Gainesville, the waiting list is likely to be a year long.

More information on campus housing

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