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Study Abroad at CALS
As Global Gators, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) students can participate in any of the many international academic opportunities offered by the University of Florida, or participate in college sponsored international experiences. From the snows of Moscow to the rain forests of Costa Rica, CALS is increasingly offering its students opportunities to participate in programs designed to change their outlook forever.

Students may choose to study an entire semester abroad, or may instead participate in short term study tours which usually vary a week to ten days in length.

Visit the CALS Global Gators website and the CALS Global Gators brochure for details.

The UF International Center
The UF International Center’s Study Abroad Program offers 3 different resources for studying abroad:

  • UF Exchange Programs: In an Exchange Program, students are assigned UF course equivalencies for the work they do abroad, and the grades are factored into their UF grade point average (GPA). Each partner institution reciprocates by sending students to study at UF.

  • UF Sponsored Programs: These programs are mainly subject-specific. "UF Sponsored" means that a faculty member at UF has spearheaded the program and has a vested interest in its quality and academic integrity. In most cases, the faculty member actually teaches the course abroad. Most UF Sponsored programs are offered in the summer. Some of the programs give students UF credit, some give transfer credit, and a few programs give a combination of credit types. Visit the UF Sponsored Programs page for detailed information on the programs offered.

  • Independent Provider Programs: Learn more about study abroad programs offered by other universities and UF-approved Independent Programs. All Independent Programs give transfer credit. Many students enroll with reputable study abroad providers such as International Studies Abroad (ISA) or the American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS). Some students register as transient students to study abroad programs offered by other US universities. Students can even enroll directly with a foreign institution as transient students. The Independent Providers Programs site lists many different study abroad programs offered outside of UF.

    For more information, the International Center Study Abroad website includes links to deadlines, information sessions, frequently asked questions, and travel regarding study abroad.

The Center for African Studies
The UF Center for African Studies currently offers four different study abroad programs:

For more information, visit the Center for African Studies, University of Florida, 427 Grinter Hall, Gainesville, FL, 32611, or contact by phone at (352) 392-2187.

The Center for Latin American Studies
offers summer programs, semester programs, and study tours abroad. Current programs include Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and Haiti. While most programs are offered to both undergraduates and graduates, students should visit the Center for Latin American Studies website to view any requirements.

The Center for European Studies
seeks the development of area and language skills through fostering rich academic and cultural environments including broad language and areas studies courses, degree options and study abroad opportunities. Visit the site to discover current opportunities.


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