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Web of Knowledge

The Web of Knowledge (WoK) accesses multidisciplinary databases of information gathered from thousands of scholarly journals. The databases are indexed so you can search for specific articles by subject, author, journal, and author address.

The Web of Knowledge is a complex database, offering search features not available in any other major indexing service. For instance, an individual can easily get lost while tracking both previous and subsequent citation trails.

For new and experienced users alike, the following tutorials offer insight and practical advice for making the most of research efforts:

More Web of Knowledge Help:

UF Library System

The UF Libraries Main Web Page reveals extensive material and search options for UF students. Deliver the Libraries to your desktop here.

The Database Locator allow you to search by topic, broad subjects or specific subjects. Here you can access the Academic Index (WebLUIS), Academic Search Premier (EBSCOHost) and the Expanded Academic ASAP (InfoTrac) databases.
(For Web of Science, make sure to type "WOS" in the text box)

Free Online Journals: "JStore" is an online collection of journal archives. A simple search for 'manatee' revealed 118 different journal entries spanning 120 years in 18 different journals. Subjects include philosophy, history, botany, law, statistics, and many more.

A sampling of Ecology journals include 'American Naturalist', 'Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics', 'Conservation Biology', 'Journal of Animal Ecology', and the 'Journal of Tropical Ecology'


EDIS is the Florida Cooperative Extension's Electronic Data Information Source and it contains information and educational materials related to sustainable agriculture, competitiveness in world markets, natural resource conservation, energy conservation, food safety, child and family development, consumer credit counseling, and youth development.

Visit topic areas or perform an advanced search.

Subject Databases

APIRS Database of Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plants is a searchable database devoted to freshwater aquatic and wetland plants, as well as terrestrial and aquatic invasive plants. The database includes annotated citations for more than 60,000 research articles, books and reports about plant ecology, physiology, utilization and control.





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