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SNRE Guide to Student Financial Aid



&  Assistantships

Undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships and assistantships are forms of student aid that do not have to be repaid. Hundreds of thousands of scholarships and fellowships from several thousand sponsors are awarded each year.

Financial Aid Information for first time and continuing students seeking financial assistance at UF can be found at the Office for Student Financial Affairs. Need help figuring out where to start? Visit the Introduction to Financial Aid at UF. Need help with all the financial aid terminology? Check out this Glossary of terms.

Undergraduate Scholarships:

SNRE has also compiled a list of undergraduate scholarship opportunities at SNRE Directory of Undergraduate Environmental Scholarships outside UF.

Some free scholarship search engines include:

Graduate Fellowships:
A fellowship is a free grant given to a University for the support of a degree-seeking graduate student. This award may include a research or teaching assignment if deemed appropriate for the advanced education of the student. Fellowship donors typically include the federal government, private organizations, and a graduate program or school. Aid under a fellowship may include stated salary or a monthly stipend. Partial fellowships are often available.

Graduate school presents challenges that can be negotiated with the right assistance

Graduate Assistantships:
An assistantship is awarded to a student who is working towards an advanced degree in any graduate program and who is required to work in exchange for this support. The assistantship aid received by the student may include a stated salary or a monthly stipend and it may be subject to federal income taxes. Partial assistantships are often available. Contact the department or program coordinator to find out about assistantship opportunities.


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