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Graduate Course Syllabi

Please look here for syllabi of courses taught by SNRE. For other course syllabi, look in the departmental or personal home pages of the professors teaching the courses.
(Most courses in the undergraduate and graduate curricula are taught in SNRE's partner departments.)

In order to schedule an appointment with Karen Bray, the Adviser of Environmental Science major, please call our SNRE office at 352-846-1634.

University of Florida policy requires departments and faculty to publish for each course a syllabus containing specific information about the structure of the course.

In our IE graduate program, you will need to register for the IE Seminar, EVR 6933 (1 credit hour) during one semester. we also ask that you register for the IE Seminar in another seminar (it can be for 1 credit hour or as a unregistered student, meaning you just attend the seminar, by checking in on the sign-in sheet). IE seminars from previous MS work do not count here. Please ask the SNRE Office any questions.


EVR 5705: Natural Resources and Innovation Systems - Spring 2018
(Only offered Spring Semester)

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